Tuesday , May 11 2021

Jimin is the hero of the family image of BTS, TXT and Lee Hyun

Lee Hyun (South Korean singer) is part of Big Big Family Entertainment, the agency launched BTS and more recently TXT (Tomorrow X Together). The soloist shared a family photograph with his musical brothers, Gyn is the main character. Why?

Lee Hyun went to MBC's "Music Core" to support BTS and TXT. It was in the dressing room where all the family members would talk and share experiences, eventually they took a photograph that went viral between the pendulum of these idols.

"To get rid of the old regrets, I got to Sangman MBC for the first time in a long time, I thought, if not now, when are we all going to be together again? Thanks to my welcome Dongsangs," he said. That old man. " (Dongsaengs means younger brothers)

Something that attracted a lot of attention was that Gender, a member of the BTS, fell asleep while his other friends set up for the camera. The Idol Twitter City:

Why do not I have memories of the picture? Friend, when did you take the picture?

Undoubtedly Jimin ended up exhausted after showing Bangtan at "Core Core", where they won their sixth victory for "Boy with Luv".

BTS is highlighted in a photo published by Lee Hyun: "Our hyung is the best! Thanks, Hyung."

Jens from BTS wrote to his musical brother: "As we have filmed with you, you should come fishing with me next time" and signed as "Kim Seokjin Superstar".

TXT also responded to the image with the following words: "Thank you for coming to cheer us up! pretzels They were very good haha".

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