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Judges by Case Lusic: We are trying to change the appointment system for years


President of the National Association of Judges, Solamed PinheiroHe responded The Cooperative Diary The judge's failed appointment Dobra Lusic post Supreme Court, Whose name was announced by the government within a few minutes by the Senate.

The judge of the Valdivia Court of Appeals confirmed that "We have been trying for many years to change the method of appointment. For several months, since October last year, we are in contact with the Ministry of Justice and a technical committee established to diagnose what are the improvements and significant changes that must be made. "

Pinheiro commented that "for us all the ways in which each appointment procedure opens is questionable and that they seem to be reflected in this case, and that is what It is neither the abilities nor the conditions of the prevailing person, But you have to go to conversations, to cronyism of this kind to be able to grasp any position. "

"The system of appointments It's so old, It's so archaic, Without adaptation to the modernization of the judiciary, That sees vague demands and not enough To select candidates. Then, leave an open space, what is left for us: be able to solve the best I am or please accept me & # 39; Is to go talk to people and it has become naturalized in some way and it is very serious, "he added.

President of the Association of Judges stressed that "we do not have a surprise to understand this To be able to, Obviously, There is every possibility of coming to the bill, Most of the time it is necessary to talk to other authorities, Beyond political sympathy. "

"Its benefits (Lusik) have especially, besides knowing by the press more, I do not know, so I can not say whether she, out of the five that went to the cinema, is the best or not, not to mention respect for other people. It is something that can be public and we know their resume and we can know why they are going And go not 20 or 15 others who have begun. It's the fault of the system, "Pineiro said.

The representative of the judges in Chile concluded that "if the system, which is incomplete and archaic, encourages the need to talk to other people, Opens the door for negotiations: I'm talking for you, you're talking to me. "

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