Tuesday , July 27 2021

Kolo Kolo: Mario Slass’ former assistant tells a number of unpublished things about his stay

Mario Salas’ stay is one of the worst in the history of his voice. The commander arrived as the great savior, but ended in the worst way: full of criticism and an uncomfortable position, which today is heavy.

His former aide, Fernando Gutierrez, who was also in his Colo voice, spoke to the Radgolta de Radgol program, where he detailed things that were unknown about the commander’s stay.

“I still believe Mario Salas is a very good technician, one of the best technicians in Chile. But at the level of public opinion they will probably lower their bonuses to the campaigns of Colo Colo and Allianz Lima. Apparently he is clear on what he failed at, what things he did wrong in all “Club and I imagine he will return to this level sooner rather than later.” Started.

Fernando Gutierrez began to delve into what he lived in his voice and the lies that were told. “What’s disturbing is when you lie. There are things that are debated or are opinions, and you have to respect that. But when you invent things, and those inventions start to make a noise inside, that’s the most complex thing.”He expressed.

He added that, “I try not to pollute myself that much. Sometimes I read things and thought they wanted to argue about something that was wrong. They invent an array and say why you leave this player out or why you put it and it’s not even true. It causes nothing but nuisance. Then the footballer arrives the next day and thinks they took him out..

Fernando Gutierrez in his voice

Finally added that, “I think you can not control it and you have to understand that it is so. The way is to understand that there are a lot of things that can not be taken care of, things that are going to be filtered, things that are going to be invented from outside and not in your hands. You have to focus on your job, footballers’ performance and good results. “.

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