Tuesday , January 26 2021

Lady D's dresses ended in a cost-effective store for $ 250

It seems impossible to believe, but the truth is that some of Princess Diana's dresses from Wales, including models used for formal party dinners, ended in a second-hand shop in Hereford, an English city 26 km away.

The discovery was made after hearing the story of how one of Lady Lady's party costumes came to the Kerry Taylor auction room, a news item reported on the ITV news website. In particular, she wore a white dress that the princess used in 1986 during a banquet organized by Issa Salman al-Khalife, Emir of Bahrain, during a tour conducted by the British heirs in the Middle East.

Although not known how, the dress arrived at the second-hand store at a certain point, years later an anonymous buyer bought it for about 200 pounds (just over $ 250). She wanted this dance but when she realized that it was too big for her she pushed him to the back of her closet until years later she saw a documentary about Diana Spencer and discovered the truth of her used outfit, published to País.

The suit finally ended at the auction house he bought for 2,280 pounds (about $ 2,800) and recently sold it for 155,000 pounds (more than $ 195,000). From this place they discovered that the dress arrived at a second-hand shop through the housekeeper of a close friend of Princess Diana and that they know that the other person left was designed by Bruce Oldfield for her.

Even the supervisor of the auction house stated that it was very possible that other people in this town had Lady Dee's dresses in their closet without knowing it.

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