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Latin Grammy: Drexler had his "Maracanazo" among the Caribbean Idols


Uruguay was the big winner of the night with three awards; Among the Argentines the only winner was Phyto Paz; The Mexican Angel La Aguilar from 15 years had a great revelation Source: Reuters

LAS VEGAS.- It is convenient to leave the analyzes for after the game. Luck is never cast and go if it is understood by thousands and thousands of people who bet every day in the eternal night of Las Vegas, a city of casinos. the day before yesterday,

Jorge Drexler

life saver For a comfortable futon and not throw away for rest, relax, take advantage of every opportunity
Was in front of the microphone to continue marking the course – and the butcher – that he had made with this album that gave him three

Grammy Latin

, And sanctified it
The main conductor of the evening. "We live because we are on the move," the Uruguayan musician sings "Movimiento" and it proved the 19th edition of

Grammy Latin

. With eight nominations, Colombian Jay Balvin started as a great favorite of the day but could only take home the prize that no one could take away, the best urban music album,
You're quivering. However, Colombia has demonstrated its power within the complex of Latin music.

Pointing to the Latin Academy for recordings, the organizer of the awards, decided on Carol G while awarding the best new artist; By


Category Contemporary Pop Album (F.A.M.E.) and

Carlos Vives

In a contemporary tropical album. While selecting weight representatives for shows of the night, there were so many


same as

Carlos Vives

. Belvin sing with Mexican Carla Morrison, the first to celebrate the industry feat later, with

Nicky G. If

And DJ Steve Aoki. And you live with this excellent combo that includes Latin rhythms, and then a little pop that is Monsieur Periné. Yes, Colombians, too.

Bellevue, the promise that was not
Bellevue, the promise that was not

Latin America TV by TNT (about 65 million viewers followed the ceremony), and in the United States by Univise, the evening ceremony here in Las Vegas is a show, not classic deliveries of prizes like his older brother , The Grammy Awards (or his grandfather, since his first release is Far and Far: 1959), a three-hour scheduled series of musical numbers tend to celebrate the diversity of Jorge Drexler spoke minutes after winning his third major, recording of the year.In the impressive MGM stadiums, A modern venue for 10,000 spectators, the public who bought the ticket for the event behaves like every concert here in the US He waits for the profits to be delivered The next food and drink will be accompanied by "peeled shouts" to his favorite musicians, daring to ask Mana "another one," even knowing there is no room for improvising prizes and less extending the scheduled schedule. With numbers in hand. Premiere, the name that gets the first evening of the day, which can only be followed by streaming, 38 out of 49 awards are awarded.

At the first ceremony held at another hotel, Mandalay Bay – just ten minutes from MGM Grand, the main venue – many of the conclusions of the day were reviewed and this is an irreversible trend: the awarding of prizes to a large number of winners out of all odds. The first part of the Latin Grammy, as explained by the president of the Latin Recording Academy, Gabriel Abruha Jr., held lunch for all candidates. To celebrate and hope that no one moves from your table to the end. Only the winners, who within a few minutes have been in the press room MGM speak with the media throughout Latin America.

Claudia Montreux, an Argentine surprise
Claudia Montreux, an Argentine surprise

They say that what is happening in Las Vegas is in Las Vegas, but it is impossible not to travel to the world and to anchor in Argentina what was achieved by Claudia Montreux. "Yes, I am the first Argentinian woman to accept this," she said, excited after winning not only one Latin-German but the categories "Best Classic Album" ("Magical and Mysterious") and "Classic and Contemporary Classical Art" (Lights and Shadows). Concert for guitar and string orchestra). But it would be a mirage for Argentine artists. Solo Pieto Paz in the best rock rock and the surprise award in the Pedro Tango Tango category (an Argentine musician who has lived in the United States for 20 years and who has hit the heavy weight like Daniel Binley, Rodolfo Madros and Omar in front of him) our artists would conclude. But far hopes that this trend charm will reverse, because in the near future Argentina will become the new Columbia for Latin Grammy, and our musicians need to get to work. As Pastorotti told us the evening before the awards, when Manet was given the personal distinction of the year: "I am here to plant a flag, so next year an Argentine musician or a band can take the special distinction which now is not rewarded to our man, and we have artists who will know us , Right? "

In the same direction, the day after and even with the disappointment of not being granted, some musicians and managers agreed that you should go down to work. how? Affiliation with the Latin Academy Recording. The percentage of Argentinian musicians recorded is rare, and in the end it is the musicians and industrialists who vote. And as with all elections, the way to change the trend is by going to vote. Jorge Drexler's victory throws a hopeful, less skeptical, less pessimistic look. It should be read as a triumph of the artistic poem, of the small idea that was born at the head of the artist and spread across the world. In this sense, Uruguay has won excessive music and has seen as a new Maracanazo. It remains only luck – but with the work, we insist – go to the other coast of Del Plata.

They laid the course

Rosalia, strengthens his place in the head
Rosalia, strengthens his place in the head

On the red carpet are Carla Morrison, Andrea Vecchio (later won the Grammy with Aterciopelados for the best alternative music album) and Li Saumet, of Bomba Estéreo. All three agree that the journey to equity goes in one direction, without rear mirrors. After winning two awards, influencing the stage on the ensemble of pop, flamenco and urban rhythms, young Rosalia (who was widely praised by Drexler) came to the room with her gramophones in her hand and the right words: "I will not stop fighting to find the same number of women as men in the studio I was not here, in the same direction, hours before Linda Breznio wanted to reward the work done with excellence and not to think about sex.The artist has achieved another of the strongest influences of the century The delivery of these awards, which will be placed in the Producer category this year above Argentina and Rafael Arcaute, a (The former Calle 13), Andres Torres Mauricio Rengifo and Julio Reyes Copello.) And while Carol G is consecrated as a new artist, the real revelation is a 15-year-old girl, Angela La Aguilar of Mexico (the daughter of legend from her country, Papa Aguilar) Her interpretation of the classic La Lorona silences ten thousand souls, radiating nostalgic pain and suffering that is not suited to this body, which originates in the DNA of my ancestors who travels, always stays in motion, which is neither here nor there. This voice wanders, as this culture we conclude today as latina and that in terms of industry seems with very good eyes by the sex market as never before. After Daspito, after Drexler's Marknazo and before the next effect.

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