Thursday , July 29 2021

Lawyer of excarabineros: If Alarcón wanted to kill Catrillanca, he shot him straight in the face. national

Javier, USA, The lawyer of three ex-fighters who participated in the operation in which he was murdered Camilo, Defended the act of Carlos Alarcón, The former official was charged with shooting Mapuche comonero.

He promised in a conversation Bio-BioExpress Because the former Carabiner acted "regularly", warn Catrillanca several times to stop the tractor and shoot only when he escaped.

"If he had the intention of killing him, he would shoot him in the head, what happened? Because Mr. Catrillanca ignored this order of authority and turned around to start the flight", Argued the lawyer of Patricio Sepúlveda, Braulio Valenzuela and Raoul Avila, the three other exuniformados who intercepted the tractor with Alarcón.

It was at that moment, according to Jara, Alarcón and vvila chose to open fire unequivocally because they could not reach by car on foot. "For this they are allowed, because they carry weapons. If you are suspected of robbery with violence, what should the police do, try to stop or wait for the suspects to escape? ", Ask.

However, he added that it would still be necessary to determine why helicopter helicopters gave the signal to the soldiers on the ground.

The lawyer also pointed to this National Institute for Human Rights And his support for the minor version that accompanied Catrilanaka at the time of his death, claiming that his detention was done in the usual manner, and that at that time the "body" did not know that he was a minor.

As for the INDH, it was critical: "I want you to fulfill your public function and not treat it as an absolute version of the minor, which unfortunately You are not completely connected to the truth, And there is audiovisual documentation of it. "

He was attacked for telling the truth

USA said he felt attacked on several fronts because of the strategy he adopted to protect his constituents.

"In this country, when a lawyer, with this risk means, decides and recommends to represent his tell the whole truth and all the background, the results of the belligerent climate towards the accused defenders," added will be threatened, but it "I feel that there is an attack everywhere."

These "attacks" do not worry him, he says, from people without "technical knowledge about how to deal with defense," but when they come from "government authorities."

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