Wednesday , January 20 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio will have to return an Oscar


The court is investigating these days financial Malaysia, Who was charged with execution fraud Of epic proportions against investment fund, as well as other important crimes of an economic nature, ordered Leonardo DiCaprio returns the Oscar for the late Marlon Brando In 1955 for a starring role in the film Ken 's Nest, And a painting signed by none other than a Malaga genius Pablo Picasso, Among items of great value.

So expensive objects were received by Academy Award Winner A few years ago as gifts with which Jho Low I wanted to express the great appreciation I had for him, and according to the arguments now put forward by the judge, to draw attention to the seemingly illegal source of money used in his purchase. According to the newspaper New York Times, The defendant was paying about $ 600,000 for the drawing of the Picasso After winning an auction.

Among the many investments he would make Jho Low In the course of the time being studied by the authorities, he also emphasizes his remarkable contribution to the budget of recording "Wolf Wall Street /"(2013), directed by Martin Scorsese And starring just for DiCaprio, A film that copes strangely with the fall of the director from grace Jordan Balfour After being involved in fraudulent methods that eventually take the toll.

Shortly before he lived his encounter with justice and dangerously approached the fate of the financier whose story helped bring him to the big screen by virtue of being a partner of the German granary production company, Jho Low He had no qualms about bragging publicly about the close connection he thought had connected him to the Hollywood star and the role he played in assuring Balfour's character DiCaprio.

"I know Leo For many years, through the Jynwel Foundation, we are also actively involved in environmental conservation projects around the world, "he explained. low, Was born in Penang city in 1981 and has been living in Hong Kong since 2010, in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

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