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Lt. Durán lambastes priests to the evangelical crisis: "Others are silent when the ship is devoured" national


By posting to your Facebook account, the RN deputy, Eduardo Duran Salinas, Confirmed his resignation from the Officers' Office of the First Methodist Methodist Church, and clarified the differences between him and his father, Bishop Eduardo Duran Castro.

Parliament began by creating a memory of his life associated with the evangelical church as well as the work that his father was doing during his 15 years as a priest.

"Today, when situations have affected the image of the Church through the media, because of my father's statements, as well as in situations in his private life, we all have a clear opinion about this, with great pain I witness the merciless ridicule of the public who is our priest and bishop, .

Then he acknowledges the problems caused by his father, as well as the discussions that eventually led to his resignation to the officers' meeting.

"I talked to him many times, trying to get him to see some situations, Which caused us conflicts and disagreements. But I did it because I love my father, and that is what is considered loyalty, not close as many boast with the word loyalty and keep silent without giving him good advice. It is also true that I resigned from the official council of the deacons, because there were no conditions to emerge from this grave crisis that we saw, I was burned and some officers, but others are silent until now. Others are not marked when the ship is gone"He notes.

"Yes, my father could make mistakes that affect the dignity of the Church, And that God knows, but does not deserve anything that we see today, if he even referred to him as Mr. Duran by his brothers with complete indifference and disdain for the servant who they have already for more than fifteen years, which gave life to service, "the trial.

Finally, Duran Salinas admits in his mother, Rachel Salinas, that her break with Bishop Duran – and his announcement to remarry another woman – were the key to alienating us.

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