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Lt. Torres: Decisions and opinions have not done well for the unity of the opposition


after The National Council of DC will support the board headed by Fuad Chahín, After approval by some deputies of the idea of ​​legislation of the government's tax reform, the opposition expressed the non-compliance.

From this group, they promised that in real terms the government's proposal reduces taxes on the state and creates deep tensions with the opposition, and loses the efforts to build unity.

This was stated by the deputy Victor Torres, One of those reflecting whether to continue with the militia in Flang.

"I'm not going to embody what makes the opposition good or bad, I think there are decisions that might be more true or not, and in that sense I think The decisions taken and the opinions expressed, of course, did not do well for the unity of the opposition And we saw how the other parties responded to that, "the parliament said.

The senators asked the board for the accuracy of the understanding with Le Monde, considering that the tax reform still has a long way to go.

"I do not know any commitment, my only commitment is with the state, My only obligation is to make laws to advance greater social justice and clearly this tax reform does not point that way, "said Sen. Yasana Provoste.

Chahín: Neither the pressures nor the statues do not move white

From the table, the president Fouad Hussein He spoke of strong support and sent a message to his critics, both internal and external, and promised that the Democratic Party was a dialogue party despite the disqualification of some.

"We make decisions based on arguments, with one prism: good or bad for Chile, not the pressures, not the invalid ones of any kind, and not the siren songs on the one hand or others will pass us a little," he stressed.

Tensions with the opposition are far from over, because from the computer, his president Guillermo Tillier, Rejected the idea of ​​making election decisions at least in the councils, and said he saw a complex scenario for political understanding

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