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Manchester United approves coaching against Juventus – International football


© Agency One. Manchester United confirmed the squad against Juventus

Coach Jose Mourinho announced his choice in front of the Italian team as a critic.

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When there were only a few minutes to start the game between Juventus and Manchester United, Coach of the Red DevilsI dared Mourinho He announced the tenth anniversary of this meeting.

The formation of confirmed Manchester United For this meeting, which will begin at 17:00 in Chile, it is with: David de Ge; Ashley Young, Chris Smalling, Victor Lindelöf, Luke Shaw; Ender Herrera, Nemania Matik, Paul Pogba; Celine Lindgard, Alexis Sanchez, Anthony Martiel

As for the last game of the Red Devils against Bournemouth for the Premier League, Jose Mourinho decided in his lineup for the income of Ender Herrera Instead of Fred and Juan Mata.

Juventus will create with: Chennai, De Siegelio, Chili, Bono, Alex Sandro; Deira, Finick, Bentancourt; Debla, Ronaldo, Square.


Wednesday, November 7th
5:00 pm Juventus vs Manchester United
Broadcast ESPN 2

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