Tuesday , May 11 2021

Mango and bananas help prevent colorectal cancer – current life – Latest news from Uruguay and the world has been updated

Mango and green bananas have features to help prevent colorectal cancer, according to researchers at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico. According to the study, conducted at the Center for the development of biotic products, it was found that these fruits are a source of resistant starch and fiber function.

Luis Arturo Blue Perez, who led the study, explained that starch is the primary polysaccharide, which when completely organized by cooking is hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes to reverse glucose, which increases the content of this carbohydrate in the blood.

The scientist explained that there is a wide variety of cereals, mainly corn, wheat, rice and some roots and tubers, such as potatoes, cassava, sweet potato and taro, from which starches used in the food industry are produced.

However, after the study found that banana mangoes that are completely ripe contain a greater amount of resistant starch.

It is said that at this time, starch has physiological benefits as the regulator of blood cholesterol as a contribution of calories necessary for diabetics without exceeding the blood glucose level. However, the main quality is that it becomes protective of cells that line the colon and when it reaches the colon directly it is fermented by microbiota, which produces a butyrate, chain and short chain.

Butyate has anti-inflammatory properties, providing sufficient energy to the cells surrounding the colon, so the higher the acidity of the fatty acid, the better the protective effect, especially in the inflammation of the organ. researcher

The study argues that it is important to evaluate the methods of processing, storage and production of these fruits to be of higher quality at the sensory, nutritional and functional level.

Based on the results of his research, Blue Pérez suggested that the quality of nutritional products (foods with beneficial nutritional and functional properties) be given to resistant starch.

Its consumption has beneficial effects on health, besides it can be of great help in preventing overweight and obesity, which are the source of major health problems in the world.

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