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Mario Mauriziano will be a father at the age of 50


After overcoming treachery, sports journalist Mario Mauriziano revealed important news.

In a conversation with La Cuarta, The media reported that his 50 years wait with his girlfriend Kamila Anik Bat.

Mario's friend, Milton Miles went to clarify the situation and noted that "Today the man of 50 is 30. Before, do not forget that the man is the age of the woman he loves.Also, Mario is a person who goes to the gym every day, it's a lot of commercial activities, Well, "he said.

At the same line, Miles emphasized this "When you reach the age of 60 and your son is 10, no one will be surprised." The man ages a little, looks at Folman, he was a father at the age of 85. Medicine helps a lot of mijita, huh. "

In consultation by age difference, the professional abandoned that difference in age between the two problems is a problem and even talked about marriage.

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