Thursday , October 28 2021

Multiple collision in Concepcion: An accident between buses leaves several wounded and passengers trapped in the national


An undetermined number of wounded and at least two people were trapped in a violent accident Three buses in Concepcion.

This fact was recorded on the scale on May 21, where – for reasons investigated – taxis collided with three lines: Via del Sol, Las Golondrinas and Las Bahias.

As noted by a young woman who was on the machine's last track, the accident would have occurred after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

"The microsecond was very fast and started rocking and colliding with the other microsecond, where I felt the blow inside," he says.

Pedro Side (RBB)
Pedro Side (RBB)

"We did not know what was going on … The moshav was gone, everything," said another passenger.

According to the testimonies of the injured, Nativ driver Las Bahas would have indicated – in the midst of his apology for the accident – that It all happened because of a brake failure, Which must be confirmed or discarded in an investigation.

According to information from the fire department, there are no casualties at risk of life, though Three people had to be paralyzed and transferred to the health facility by SAMU personnel.

It was further stated that at least 30 people involved. Some of them had sores and cuts on their faces.

Pedro Side (RBB)
Pedro Side (RBB)

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