Monday , January 18 2021

NASA's InSight test takes its first selfie on Mars

United States Space Agency, NASA, Published the first "selfie" taken by testing InSight, sent to explore the face of the Mars.

Insight, which landed on the Red Planet on November 26, used its robotic arm to take pictures of the entire ship and its environs.

You can see the solar panels of the spacecraft as well as the lid containing the scientific tools, meteorological sensors and UHF antenna.

The photograph is a composition of 11 mosaics, a technique similar to that used in the 2012 curiosity task A few separate shots on an entire form.

"Selfie" was taken on December 6, according to NASA.

The agency added that they had also received another picture of the "work area" of the spacecraft, a 2×4 yard before the ship. The picture is also a mosaic composed of 52 separate photographs.

The next task of the team in charge of the project is to decide A name in this area will begin to place the devices Of insight.

The mission will be the first to explore the "intestines" of Mars by means of devices that can drill the surface to a depth that has not reached it and thus measure the seismic movements of the red star.

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