Thursday , July 29 2021

Next next blood will be seen all over Chile

The beginning of 2019 will be special, as approved by the National Aeronautics and Space Space (NASA) considering that on January 20, a supermoon of blood will take place.

This is a phenomenon that meets the characteristics of solar eclipse and supermoon, so it will be one of the largest astronomical events in the next year, comparing the lunar eclipse of 27 July lasting about an hour and 43 minutes.

The lunar eclipses originate when the moon is located in the center of the shadow emitted by the Earth, known as the retained phase, while simultaneously dispersing and breaking sunlight through the atmosphere.

This creates a change in the natural color of the satellite on a reddish brown, so it is called Moon Blood.

As for the supermoon name, it's because the January satellite will orbit closer to Earth, so it can look larger than normal.

According to the US North American newspaper today, the phenomenon will begin at 9:37 pm ET (23:37 Chile time) and it can be seen in its entirety throughout our country.The event will end at 12:43 am on January 21 (02:43 Chile).

Millions of viewers will have the opportunity to record the phenomenon with photos and videos, since they do not need more equipment to watch it. This is only if the weather is positive and the sky is clear.

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