Tuesday , January 26 2021

Nintendo believes that the legend of Zelda and Mario will never die

The Legend of Zelda / And the Mario franchise are two classic Nintendo and probably for many are the best sagas of the company. Because of this, year after year the new shipments of these titles do not fail to capture the attention of players around the world.

A phenomenon that Philips, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo America, attributed in an interview to the Hollywood Reporter to the constant efforts to renew the entrepreneurs working on these titles.

"This is where I have to give credit to our game developers," said Pils-Aime. "I think the best example of this is" Wild Breath. "The Zelda franchise, which I love and my favorite franchise of all time, I had a formula for the Zelda Games. You went to the dungeon, you won the mini-boss, you have a weapon that allows you to advance to the next stage of the game, and so it goes on. "

"Breath of the wild development team opened all these conventions with a completely new construction" He added. "You can start from the beginning and go and try to hit the garden (…) Even in the construction of weapons, you can move forward and get a new weapon, which was the previous Zelda formula, but the savage breath has tons of weapons. Thinking, understanding what is fundamental in the franchise.In this case this link, Zelda, the legends of Hyrule are constantly looking to innovate and offer something new. "

Pils-Ayes added that this innovation was not presented only in the case of the latter Zelda, But it is also a phenomenon that has been duplicated in it Super Mario Odyssey.

"It's Zelda, it's Super Mario Odyssey, who takes this approach all the time," said Pils-Aime. "That's why these franchises are attracted so they become essential products of (each) generation to experiment and share with others."

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