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No camouflage! BMW 1 Series 2020 removes the sheet early


BMW released a photo gallery a few weeks ago Series 1 2020, Even with camouflage, to demonstrate how compact German faces stage its final testing before its launch, but the Internet won the race at the same time. From the lens of our colleagues at Bimmerfile, The new Series 1 takes down the sheet.

His new face reminds us a lot Series 1 Sedan Current, Especially because of the shape of the headlights. The grill is growing in size – and so is the trend in the brand's last launch – and the Pascia adopts the sport accessories with a number of air entrances decorated with a shiny black or matte finish.

Now it uses a front-end drive platform. Some versions will have an integral traction xDrive system.

In the back we'll meet Much more aggressive hatchback. Mount the traditional L-shaped skulls, with some resemblance to the X1, an amazingly large medallion. Be the version M135i, We can see the racing style in the double exhaust bin and the air vents on the sides.

Bmw Series 1 2020 Photo Spy 4

God BMW 1 Series Will use the evolution of Front platform Which is currently occupied by the MINI family. The brand has developed a system called ARB, which acts as a sliding limit for the operator's nearby wheel; In simpler terms, it reduces understeer without the need for electronic stability control to interfere.

Bmw Series 1 2020 Photo Spy 25

The version you see in these spy images uses the 2.0 liter turbo engine – the most powerful four-cylinder submarine created in BMW – 306 hp. It also uses an xDrive all-wheel drive system.

God The third generation of BMW 1 Series Can be shown this summer, to be shown in September, during the Frankfurt Auto Show. Everything indicates that he will reach major markets in Europe by the end of the year and that he will land Mexico For the first months of 2020.

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