Monday , October 3 2022

No need to sleep in Pinto Duran


In fact, the appearance of Alexis began Rancagua. He imagined a real life and they believed him. Perhaps, I already knew the role I had to fill in 24 hours later. Before the shield Mark Kendall Weston, the wonder boy pretended to be a Hollywood actor. He wore a face of pain, of irritation. All this has to do with the imaginary scenario he created at that moment. He failed the definition.

The next day, Alexis returned. He left the soccer shoes, and with the script learned, he filled the orders, not Renaldo Rueda, but his other director, Alejandro Fernandez, to act himself in the film "Alexis, the film." A few scenes were completed, the director of Pavela and Vibera Marketing, began filming last week in Santiago, thinking of five weeks of shooting. Alexis no longer, it's supposed to be, though there's a wait for work to roll. The film, which is supposed to be in June 2019, deals with the story of his life, the child who was supposed to fulfill his dream.

It is reasonable to assume that Alexis, or his representative, Plesiewicz, already had everything planned and negotiated to capture his arrival in the national team with his participation in his film. A reason for strengthening to participate in the reading of Rueda, which did not do much in 2018. Friday was his fourth meeting so far this year.

Alexis, or his representative, was probably already aware that the dressing room was about to reach out to his boss, Reinaldo Rueda, with his promise to end the days off from the Reds and advance during his periods of concentration. But in the end, nothing. On Wednesday afternoon, he joined all Saturday's free day (the team dined on Friday after playing at the Diego de Almagro, in Managua, reaching Juan Pinto Duran). The soccer players had to appear yesterday at the first hour to prepare for the flight to Tamoko. But on Saturday, despite what was declared by the coach in his presentation, the team did not train and only players from the regions came to sleep.

"The choice can not give days off, if you come for eight days to play two games, there will be room for a family to share, but not for free days.You have to place yourself according to the national team," said Roeda at the time. No longer be located, apparently. After talking with the players, the coach received the little comfort that Juan Pinto Duran provides.

Another activity known on the Sabbath of one was chosen was that of Arturo Vidal, who was present in the duel of his club Rodalindo Roman, setting before Concepcion for the quarterfinals of the third in the Chilean midfielder had time to win gambling, albeit within the selection. In his instagram account, he was proud to have pocketed Nicolas Castillo's cards (which he wore) on the plane he played in the Parcas (a board game, very popular in Spain). "It happens to you to get into trouble with the King, son." Although according to the forward posted, was a rematch and Vidal had to pay him back to Diego Valdés. "Thank you bro, it's a pleasure to help you," he wrote in his account, adding, "Paying again." Good atmosphere, at least, despite the defeats.

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