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Osher: "Tachuela Grande" will pay only $ 96,700 for the abuse of 25 national animals


The San Miguel Magistrate's Court dismissed an appeal for invalidity filed against the decision of Court 15 of Santiago's responsibility that condemned Joaquín Maluenda, known as "Tachuela Grande" to pay only Peso About animal abuse.

In unanimous decision of the First Chamber of the Court of Appeal, Ministers Adriana Sottovia Giménez and Dora Mondaca Rosales, and attorney Adelio Misseroni Raddatz approved the fine applicable to the circus entrepreneur, 2 UTM.

The appeal was filed by the prosecutor's office in the lawsuit, former prosecutor Marisa Navarrete, representing the Funcación herringbone, which condemned the Maluenda for the smooth possession of La Pintana 25 animals "in poor nutritional conditions, with diseases in cages": 8 tigers, 15 monkeys, his mother and a brown bear.

The elements revealed in the complaint responded that "the low weight of the sex reflects this They did not get the nutrition they needed"And that" the species of wild and wild species causes significant damage to animals and physical damage resulting from low mobility such as osteoarthritis and muscle atrophy ".

Navarrete explained to the BBCL the fine exceptions, especially given that Maluenda is a repeat offender, Since he was convicted in the past for abuse against the elephant "Ramba".

Despite the criticism that Malwanda has maintained of her condemnation, saying that "there are people who are widely distributed by a factor and see it as abuse, and that is what happened with the Los Tacos circus."

President of the Adra Foundation, Alexis Castillo, criticized this decision since the money did not even reach an amount of $ 4,000 for each battered animal. This money also goes in favor of the fiscal fund rather than their reconstruction.

"Doing the right things is not enough, in this country you get more by making public outrage, and not trust institutions," he criticized.

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