Thursday , July 29 2021

Pico shared an intimate moment with his followers

It is not very common to see football players sharing intimate moments in their social networks. Less Richard Pike is used to being in the public eye for his status as a football star and because of his relationship with the famous Colombian singer, wanting to keep up to the last detail of his private life.

Therefore, the soccer player chooses the few experiences he publishes on his media platforms. Although the photographs related to his work are commonplace, this is not true of those whose bodies are the small children he has with the greatest hits such as "Moscas en la casa" or "I need you": Sasha and Milano.

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Therefore, during the afternoon of yesterday the world has witnessed a certain event: 3 of Barcelona Public (both on Instagram and Twitter account) with Google Image Shakira and the two little ones. In both networks, the 31-year-old Spaniard chose a simple word that held with great emotion – to attach to the delicate image: Family.

In addition, in the last hours, and the day's habit of innocent, the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo Public information he had the hero. Thus, the media assumed that Piqu retires in 2020 to begin preparing his candidacy for the presidency of the Catalan club. In addition, they stressed that their team will be created by club history: Father Hernandez, Iniesta and Puyol.

However, as noted portal Anaphobia, The joke is based on the old statement that the central defender shared when he left the Spanish team. I want to be president of Barcelona when I retire. This is the step I want to take when I retire () I can do very well for this club because that's what I'm passionate about ", Remembers the Argentine media.

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