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Pink Floyd: Roger Waters and his message against corruption and discrimination during a monumental stadium concert Alberto Fogg Yamori Lima Peru We + Shows


On November 17, the Rogers concert was held Monumental Stadium Where former Pink Floyd was connected with the Peruvian public from start to finish. Especially when the British singer and activist stopped at his show to send a thoughtful message about the cases of discrimination and corruption experienced in Latin America and Peru.

"As I recall, there are two things that concern the people of Peru, especially Lima. One is the discrimination against the Indians of this great country. If the love that is felt at this time in this stadium is spread all over the country, the discrimination will disappear. We are brothers regardless of race or religion. ", said. Rogers & Waters After the interpretation of "Eclipse".

You can see Rogers Waters: It was the amazing concert of the British musician [FOTOS]

On cases of corruption experienced in Peru, water He had no mercy "The second big problem, and I did my little research, is corruption, they will have to find a way to deal with it because pigs control the world," he said.

In addition, the founder pink Floyd He stressed that social classes are not accepted today: "Reducing the crazy difference between incredibly rich and the poor … It is totally unacceptable in the 21st century."

Before these words, the Peruvian public applauded Rogers & Waters, A musician committed to the political situation of each country he visits, even belongs to the international movement BDS, Which seeks to pressure Israel to stop the occupation of Palestinian territory.

Rogers & Waters

For this reason, in the transit camp through Lima, water He spoke to the International Farid Khatt "In the meeting in Peru with Roger Waters: Palestinians and Human Rights," where he had some comments on political news.

Rogers & Waters

On the other hand, Rogers & Waters Announced in his official index account to thank the Peruvian public for his presence in Monumental: "Thank you Lima."

Rogers & Waters

Video of iphone Rogers & Waters in Lima:

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