Saturday , January 16 2021

Promotional poster for "Once Upon a Deadpool" angered the Mormon community USA |

On Thursday, December 13, the Christmas version of the Christmas season debuted in the United States. DADPOL 2, Which gets in his name fall in lovel.

As usual, Marvel vs Hero – played by Ryan Reynolds – made controversial deals for the film, one of the most disturbing ones Mormons Americans

The poster imitates a picture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Saints and the End of Days, in which Jesus appears replaced by Deadpool and surrounded by angels around him. The poster also features actor Fred Savage, a dog and a series of musicians.

The resulting picture is so much controversy that on Filmmaker Tim Miller was asked to remove the poster from social networks. In the application, Mormons claim they mock their beliefs, and that it is also a form of "religious discrimination".

Until now, close 36 thousand people They signed the request.

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