Friday , January 22 2021

Recommendations to avoid accidents during the Christmas season

Mexico (Notteamax) Accidents at home A 10% increase over the holiday season, while 60% of the faults this season are related to alcohol consumption.

Colds in the winter

In a statement, Gustavo García Domínguez, a specialist in critical medicine at DioMed Hospital, said that the winter season is common for people to get colds, flu and more Respiratory diseases.

It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids and consume fruits with vitamin C such as orange, mandarin or guava to prevent respiratory diseases.

Beware of electricity

Local accidents are mainly Electric overload For Christmas lights or other factors that can occur falls when placing ornaments at home.

In addition to the electric load of Christmas lights or Burning of rockets, Can cause burns in people, especially children who light pyrotechnic fires.

They recommend that make sure that electrical installations work properly, Avoid the use of multiple connections, Use good quality Christmas lights and before bed check that everything is severed.

Stomach problems

Gastric problems occur frequently due to The amount of food eaten, Which is often excessive. There may be heartburn, diarrhea or in case of drinking alcohol there may be episodes of gastritis and dehydration.

It is recommended to avoid stimulant or high-fat foods and consume small portions

car accidents

In the field of accidents, vehicles are the ones that increase most of the season. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, fatigue, as well as increase in movement of vehicles on the road, cause shocks or rollovers.

They recommend not to drive if you drink alcohol or feel tired.

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