Saturday , November 27 2021

Registered in the central region


A moderate earthquake was captured on Saturday at 8:57 pm between the Valparaíso and Maule regions.

As reported by the National Seismological Center of the University of Chile, The earthquake was 5.4 Richter, with a epicenter 59 km west of Christmas.

In addition, it had a depth of 36.4 km.

The SHOA A tsunami.

There was no damage to people, a change in basic services or infrastructure as a result of this earthquake, according to Onami.

Then they signed up Two tremors In the same area with an initial size of 4.2 Richter, with a focal point 49 km west of Christmas, and another 3.3 Richter, 57 km west of Christmas.

The intensity on the scale of the first tremor is:

Region Valparaíso

Algarrobo: Second

Cartagena: IV

Quisco: IV

Al-Tabu: IV

San Antonio: IV

Santo Domingo: IV

Valparaíso: III

German villa: II

Vienna del Mar: III

Metropolitan Area

Curacaví: I am

St. Peter: c

Area or Higgins

Pique: III

Chimbarongo: Third

The Star: V

Litueche: V

Marchhue: III

Nancagua: III

Christmas: V

Fredons: IV

Plasmila: III

San Fernando: III

Santa Cruz: III

Maul area

Constitution: II

Curicó: III

Pencahue: II

Rauco: Fourth

The River Claro: III

Romerle: IV

Holy Family: III

San Rafael: III

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