Monday , January 25 2021

Renault confirms Carlos Ghosn as its top manager and assures that his salary is legal

Renault today confirmed Carlos Ghosn as CEO of the French car group and promised that the salary of top management who was jailed in Japan is legal.

However, the board of directors of the multinational has announced that the company will continue to investigate the components of the suspicion that Nissan transferred, a company that is starting an alliance with Mitsubishi.

On November 19, Nissan and Renault CEO Nissan was arrested in Japan for allegedly embezzling a few days later, Nissan removed him from the office and then Mitsubishi Japan following the same steps.

The executives of these companies thought it was very difficult to keep the 64-year-old Brazilian manager at the office. The Japanese judge accused him of cutting his income by $ 38 million over a period of five years while he was running Nissan.

On Monday, the Japanese prosecutor filed an official statement with the former Nissan director, and also filed an indictment against the manufacturer of the vehicle for alleged responsibility for an economic scandal.

Gusen joined Renault in 1996 as Senior Vice President of the acquisition. In 1999 he went to the high position Nissan in 2001 and was already CEO of the company, becoming his fourth foreign directional vehicle in Japan.

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