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Responsible for the most shocking scene of "Facet de Sanger" revealed the tricks


"We are in shock," wrote the official account of the Channel 13 About Twitter, evidence of the feeling of many viewers and followers of "Blood Alliance"With a scene that dropped your hair on your head.

And this is one of the biggest questions of teleserie was knowing where the head is Daniela Solis (Pronounced by actress Antonia Busman), who was divided after his death. Finally he was at the home of the father of Banj Minh Vial (llvaro Espinoza), Which stored it in a jar covered with liquid, Which was revealed when Gabriel (Pablo Makaya) came to rescue Feliciano (llvaro Gómez).

The high-impact picture was laborious, in a three-day process.

So he told him MON Juan Pablo Eliaga, The producer of special effects for production and who took responsibility for the implementation of the matrix. "The molds were made with state-of-the-art silicon, And it's much faster than it was before with plaster. I did the whole body of the actress about the scenes of demolition. We start with the legs, upper body, arms and head at the end. It is smeared with a kind of dough that is cut and then a piece of plaster is done on it to make the silicone negative. "

Mold The head is made with a more yellow color thanks to the English products and natural hair inserted. "I bought a hairline in the tone of Antonia (the actress) I sewed a needle thread in my hair and hair at the base to make it look more real"He said, adding that he filled the skull with elastic polyurethane.

Who also contributed a technical statistic for the morning was the director of Teleseria, Christian Mason. "We shot a 360-degree image of the head, released it and parked it to make it more realistic." We registered in a real place, at home, We used furniture that took an atmosphere in which we placed the glass jar"

The feelings of the actress

Antonia Busman is responsible for interpreting Daniela Solis and also reflected how she felt when her head floated in a jar. "I saw it alive and it's heavy, but I know it's fiction. Seeing my body partecitas is an experience And I feel lucky that I've managed to live it. "

She also told how they did it with her to find the best result. "They covered my head with silicone with my eyes closed and put a net in my hair. I did not see or hear anything, and the smell was a little. But I kept myself calm because I had to wait half an hour for it to dry. "

"Pacto de Sangre" scored a record of 14 ranking points between 22:45 and 23:23, an average of 12.5.

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