Wednesday , September 29 2021

Rominot launches harsh criticism of the last years of the Comedy Club: “I went through the worst period of my life” | TV and program

This coming Wednesday, a new episode of the YouTube program will be read Hamburger Partners, In them they intervened Jorge Zabalta, Pancho Sabdera, Pedro Rominot And was as a special guest Javiera Contador.

Coincidentally, celebrities have talked about various situations they have experienced in their television careers, between successes and mistakes in recent years.

In the end, Javiera Contador surprised Rominot with a specific question: “If you had to eliminate a professional TV series, show or routine from smiling, what would it be?”

Given this, the comedian claimed that: “The Last Two Seasons of Comedy Club (…) They were moments when I went through the worst period of my life, not even cancer (laughs). “

Given this Zabalta simply replied with a laugh: “I think I’m too sic.

It should be remembered that Rominot resigned from the same program during its last season in 2014. At that time he himself expressed criticism regarding the content of the space.

“I’ve been tired of doing the same thing for seven years, it’s creatively exhausting,” he explained at the time in an interview with La Trachera.

“We may not have known how to reinvent ourselves or adapt to running times, but for me it was a beautiful process after presentations in various theaters, books and movies,” he added.

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