Tuesday , January 19 2021

Steffi Mendez told details of an indecent proposal received by Instagram

Last weekend, Steffi Mendez It worked for Stalker who offered an obscene suggestion through social networks. The actress got tired of the internal messages and published several screens that betrayed the unusual offers.

"Do you have a sugar father?" "I'm telling you a little bit," he says, "he's a pretty" mature "person who obviously cares about all kinds of expenses, a suggestion to go to the mall, to the beach, trips outside the country. This is not my intention. I met you only from Argentina, I came to Chile and I would love it if you were my baby. I repeat my apologies for the incident, Hahah, "was one of the texts sent to him by Instagram.

Therefore, in the program "Invaders" They did not waste time and were quick to talk to the girl, Who gave details of the proposal. In addition, he told why he threw the man in question into the water.

It has already happened

"It was an indecent suggestion, as everyone said, social networks are not just about doing things, it's a tool to channel people who have not caught anything", Revealed the daughter of DJ Méndez.

In addition, Steffi added "These things happen, this is not the first time, It was clarified

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