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Survive the hangover by following these tips

On these dates it is almost impossible to avoid drinking with alcohol, but the excesses can take you hard, so doctors provide information and advice on how to relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

The celebration of New Year's Eve is just around the corner and with toasts and drinks, with it must be careful not to abuse the consumption of alcohol because the effects of the hangover can charge a price.

Consider the following information to avoid problems.

Risk Factors

Any person who consumes alcohol may be a hangover, but there are some more likely than others.
These factors make the hangover worse:

* Drink on an empty stomach. Without food in the stomach, alcohol is absorbed faster.

* Use other drugs, such as nicotine, along with alcohol. A mixture of alcohol and tobacco seems to increase the odds.

* Do not sleep well or long enough after drinking. Researchers believe that hangover symptoms are usually due to poor quality sleep.

* There is a family history of alcoholism. This may indicate a hereditary problem with the way the body processes alcohol.

* Drink darker beverages darker color. They usually have a high volume of congeners and worsen the situation.


Although some tablets above the tablets and tablets say they prevent hangover, the only guaranteed way to prevent this is to avoid alcohol. But, if you decide to drink alcohol, do it moderately.

These tips can help you:

* Eat before drinking while you drink. Remember that alcohol is absorbed faster when the stomach is empty.

* Choose carefully. Drinks with less congeners are a little less likely to be a hangover than drinks with more congeners.

Drink water between drinks. Drinking a glass of full water after each alcoholic drink will help you stay hydrated and drink less alcohol.

* Know your limits and drink in moderation. Decide in advance how many drinks you are going to eat.

* Drink slowly. Avoid taking more than one alcoholic beverage per hour.


The only cure for a hangover is time, but meanwhile, Mayo Clinic's medical staff provides some steps you can take to feel better.

* Fill a bottle with water. Drink sips of water or fruit juice to prevent dehydration. Resist the temptation to treat hangovers with more alcohol because you only feel worse.

* Eat something easy. A soft diet with toast and crackers can improve blood glucose and soothe the stomach. Soup can help you replace the potassium lost salt.

* Eat foods with vitamin B12. If you can not satisfy your hunger with a diet easy choose to eat foods with this vitamin, such as tuna, sardines and seafood, as the ingredient helps the body absorb alcohol.

Take an analgesic. A standard dose of over-the-counter pain reliever can relieve your headache; But it can irritate the stomach. If you drink alcohol regularly, acetaminophen can cause liver damage, even in doses that were previously considered safe.

* Get back to bed If you sleep long enough, it is possible that the hangover has already passed
You wake up

* Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicines for the hangover abound, but studies have not discovered any natural remedy that is always able to improve these symptoms.

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