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Suzuki Vitara is a small SUV that is interesting because you can not be appreciated buying


The segment of small SUVs is one of the most competitive segments, with good sales figures, an important commercial war with a plethora of options, in which we find a series of heavy weights, which are often more monopolized on the call center, such as Peugeot, Captain, now Volkswagen T-Cross, but what about Suzuki Vitara? Is it a good car to value?

Suzuki Vitara stands out for its dynamics and its ability

Months ago we had the opportunity to check out the Suzuki Vitara, a car that stood out in the segment for its livability and dynamics. Then we test it with the engine Turbo 1.4's 140 CV, A propeller we loved and it went perfectly with Case solved well, It is also necessary to emphasize the accompaniment of manual change with good touch.

so Its dynamics and inner space are its great virtues, Aesthetically it also looks attractive, but where is Vitari falter Suzuki? In my opinion, The face of Suzuki Vitara, In terms of design, technology and adjustments is the main problem we can put, Seat Aruna enjoys better settings and its multimedia system is excellent for example.

Vitara with 140 hp 1.4 engine is a very interesting option in the segment

But without a doubt Suzuki Vitara is a very interesting option to take into account even more if you are looking for an option in this segment with All wheel drive, This ingredient is not abundant in this category and that Suzuki Vitara offers us.

But what Suzuki Vitara bought me?

With a 140 hp petrol engine Suzuki Vitara has a starting price of 20,340 euros

We strongly recommend that you switch to a 140 HP motorized version that raises the price of Suzuki Vitara to € 20,000 and of course, here begins to flirt with the price of several higher segment options such as Seat Atka or Nissan Kishkai.

With a 140 hp petrol Suzuki Vitara has a starting price of EUR 20,340, With the ending GLE, Manual 4X2 traction transmission, reliant on finish with it equipment Which include elements such as 17 inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, multimedia system with touch screen and connectivity with our smart phone, cruise control and heated front seats.

Suzuki Vitra turns to cars such as Jeep Rangada or Pezz

Under this motor there is an option with a 1 liter engine of displacement that develops a power of 111 M. And it has a starting price of 17,240 euros With a lower finish, the GL finish.

In our small procurement guide we detail all the options of the segment and the respective proposals, a category in which, in addition to the above models, we can mention the KIA Stony, Hyundai Kona or the Jeep.

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