Tuesday , January 19 2021

TC Declares Acceptable Presentations from Chile We are going on a project of conditional freedoms and a public hearing

The court has scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday from 15:00 until 16:00. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the hearing will be held before the plenum.

Last Thursday, the Constitutional Court plenum announced the unconstitutional demands of the deputies and senators of Chile, and we continue with the Congressional Constituencies Bill, which raises the requirements of those convicted of human rights violations.

In accordance with a decision issued by the Custodian, the Ministers decided to group the two petitions into one body and transferred the case to the relevant constitutional bodies, ie, the President of the Republic, to the House of Representatives for the Senate.

In addition, the court reported that in this case a public hearing will be held next Wednesday, December 19, between 3:00 and 16:00, "that it can contribute to the legal decision of the matter discussed in these proceedings, hear interested parties seeking to discuss legal standards Human rights norms, constitutional law and criminal law, relating to articles 3 bis and 12 of the bill mentioned in Recital 1, in the form, under the conditions and opportunity set forth in this resolution. "

In this line, the Socialist Party has already formally asked the donor to participate in this hearing, and the court will receive petitions on the same line until next Monday at noon, and then allocate the appropriate time for the interventions on Tuesday.

Next Thursday, as all, the landscape of the cause before the plenum of the Constitutional Court was set.

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