Sunday , May 16 2021

Tesla exploded while parked in the garage

On Sunday morning, The Tesla S model exploded out of nowhere and set itself on a parking lot in Shanghai, China. The images went viral quickly, and From the American company they sent a team of employees to investigate the fact.

A security camera of the place caught the moment when the smoke began to appear below the model.

Moments later it happens Explosion and the great flames They wrap around Tesla's model and even get to Audi who was at his side. The vehicle was without passengers.

The moment when Tesla explodes in the parking lot

The conclusion of what happened was a whole car calcined, as well as others who were around.

The California company has issued a statement stating that they have already begun an investigation to determine the reasons for the incident.

An important fact is, This is the first time that a company model has been burned out of nowhere. The previous cases of fire were in shock.

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