Friday , May 14 2021

The attitude of Mano Gonzalez in La Divina Comida was sold & Viewers: The voice is not heard in the off | Entertainment and shows

This Friday night is a new chapter of The Divine Food Where four guests were faced with their best preparations to become the best host of four days.

This time it was Dennis Malbran's turn, Julia Vial, Ignacio back and Gonzalez, and the latter had a great deal of attention when it came to owning a house.

It was not his preparations or his home that created more comments about his participation, it was simply his personality and attitude that some nervous viewers.

The mediator was criticized for not ceasing to speak at all times and his constant reference to the situations he lives in world-class celebrities. Others, meanwhile, added that he was a little hyperventilated and that he spoke very quickly.

So much so that during his speech he hardly heard the voice, which also corrected some of the guests. However, Spanish was one of those who received the best assessment among participants.

Review some comments below.

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