Thursday , July 29 2021

The ballerina of Iggy Azalea twisted in a concert in Brazil: the artist continued to sing art and culture

Unexpected accident marked the last presentation of Iggy Azalia In Rio de Janeiro, last night Maracana Stadium, Where one of her dancers twisted in the middle of the stage.

It happened when the rapper played Black Widow, One of the most popular hits in her repertoire, accompanied by four dancers. There, at the beginning of choreography, one of them fainted and had to be helped by her classmates.

This did not detract from the Australian composer, who despite the request for medical help for the speakers continued to sing for the audience Rio de Janeiro.

Seconds later, the song was broken by the production of the concert to make room for the medical staff, who boarded the platform to help the dancer and then move her to the hospital.

Among her fans and the social networks, Azalea's approach was stretched and rebuked by the artist's contempt for the situation, something she took over in the broadcast message Instagram.

"We are all really shocked by what happened and we are simply grateful that she is good", Concluded the singer, who admitted that she thought it was a slight injury when she saw the interpreter on the floor.

"I just want to let everyone know that my dancer is fine, the lights and the heat make him faint, she's recovering in dressing rooms," he added. "At first I thought he fell or twisted his ankle … I felt I had to continue singing until the music stopped", He said.

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