Monday , January 18 2021

The "body is not a lie" program violated human rights

For violating the dignity of the people presented in the program "Body is not a lie" of Channel 13, in the sense that their privacy, dignity, private lives, the presumption of innocence and the right to their image, CNTV, following a complaint filed by the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH).

The broadcast in question dated July 2, entitled "PDI decipher the truth." According to the INDH – which will be seen in light of human rights – "we can see a series of offenses and / or abusive actions in relation to different people."

According to the INDH, the CNTV thought that "the franchisee's television cameras interfered with the private lives of the people under the control of the investigation police, describing moments that relate to their privacy and personal life, used by Channel 13 to set up a television program Which seeks to entertain the audience, with the resulting threat and the possible impact on their image. "

The sanction adds that "in this way, the violation of basic rights – in this case for private life – will inevitably influence the dignity of those who have been harmed by these rights."

CNTV also considered that "the program, on several occasions, violates the guarantees of people subject to records, affecting in some cases its image, and even the presumption of innocence – by a description of illegal situations that do not have the characteristics of crimes.

"Therefore, the over-exposure and expansion of the case of the victims will be seen as negligence that completely ignores the need to preserve sensitive information to entertain audiences, and is consistent with the legitimate exercise of freedom of speech and information," CNTV adds.

For these situations, INDH asked CNTV to represent Canal 13 that these emissions violated national and international regulations on respect for human dignity and privacy; Reminding you that as a means of communication you have an obligation to respect the rights of all persons, including persons subject to immigration controls at airports or border crossings; And that situations like those described do not repeat themselves on their screens.

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