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The boom of the black market of fireworks in Chile in "Henco culture" and the swollen national


The so-called "Narco Culture" He used the fireworks for a while, because they use them in various actions related to this world. At the funerals and funerals of criminal friends the pyrotechnics associations abounds, unleashing fear among those who do not participate. In this way, this exclusivity was removed from the "brave friends" who for decades used these elements to "support" their team or to protest the situation.

In Chile, the sale of these elements operates through the illegal market, since its commercialization has been banned for nearly 20 years and its use is limited to specific events with prior approval.

Given this scenario, Deputy Gonzalo Fuenzalida (RN) will present on Thursday a bill to punish its use prison. "Today is considered guilty and are punishable by fines of 10 to 50 UTM (maximum of 2.4 million pesos). What we want is that it be punished with a minor prison and its minimum title ", He said to Mercurio.

This initiative arose just as the Conde survivors lived for a few days in the wake of Bastian Lopez, a 19-year-old boy who was shot on his doorstep on Sunday. His mother and her husband are held in Chile for crimes related to human trafficking.

The days after death, the sector was a "party": Music, shooting and pyrotechnics for hours, As a sign of authority, power and not respect for the laws.

The problem also crumbles Carabineros, an entity that has been criticized many times for its "passive" actions in the face of these events.

In this case, six people were arrested for confronting the soldiers and instead there were special forces and GOPE forces.

"More tools given to Carabineros. I was more confident knowing that if you enter the city to stop someone on the use of fireworks, it will go to the criminal court will not be simply fined, "added Fuenzalida.

Panorama stadium is no different, since the "brave bars" violate the security devices to enter these elements every weekend, although usually performed exhaustive controls.

The last serious case was recorded at Concepcion, When the fans of the University of Chile lit up – in a coordinated fashion – all over the northern sector of the stadium, by postponing the management of the club. On the same day, five of the detainees were Carlos Heller, then president of Blue Blue, resigned from his position and exposes death threats.

Split opinions

The use of these elements was prohibited during the year 2000, because at that time there was a large number of people burned for celebrations, especially for children.

19 years later and before the new boom, Fuenzalida project aims to toughen fines for those who use them illegally, however, the doctor Leonardo Ristori, with experience in emergency services, believes that this should be aimed at the market.

"What you need to attack is trade, it limits consumption. The problem is that this trade is secret, "he explained.

On the contrary, Rolando Arvena, the medical director of Cuencum, has supported the initiative since then "It seems that so far there are people who prefer to pay the fines before the cessation of sale".

At the end of April, the Southern Prosecutor's Office presented a protocol to monitor and intervene at the funerals of people with a criminal past. It is called "high-risk funerals", and sees participation of Carabineros, PDI, highways, hospitals and funeral homes.

The Chief Prosecutor of the Focus Sur unit, Patricio Rosas, noted at the time that the proposal sees "chain reaction contexts" to take responsibility for these situations.

"Here there are not only incivilities, we are talking about crimes occurring within the framework of these ceremonies: air shots in the wagons, the use of stolen cars, the presence of people with current arrest warrants, which put the security of all citizenship because of the importance of this protocol, .

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