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The classic PlayStation will arrive in Peru before Mexico and Argentina on this date and with this price video | Playstation Sony Retro Console Games Video games


PlayStation Classic Sony Already there Official date For your arrival in our country. God price The console is also set up and it seems that Pro will be one of the first to get the retro version of the popular console PlayStation, Since it will arrive earlier than other important countries in the region such as Mexico and Argentina.

God Official date The exit in Peru is already known, and the best thing is that it will reach other important countries in the region such as Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. The establishment of Peru as an important market for the Japanese brand.



God Official date For the arrival of the classic PlayStation in our country is December 10 at all stores nationwide. On the other hand, price Of the terminal in our country will be S /. 599 and will come with 20 pre-installed games that includes a great piece of catalog of video games with the console's mythical Sony, Where he conquered the world since 1994.

A few days ago, different media from around the world had access to a demonstration of Sony's retro console in Europe. From there, different opinions and conclusions we gathered were projuded, along with other important data such as usage memory cards, Save states, Cable length, Inter alia, in this link.

PlayStation Classic Announced more days on the official list of 20 video games that will be included, noting important absences such as Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Castlevania's Symphony of the Night, amongst others. In this link you can explore the main reasons why these absences occurred.

Classic price

On the other hand, in the latest news, it has been claimed that the classic PlayStation includes a free and open source computer emulator as announced on Twitter and various media. You can read more about this topic in this link.

Among other things, it was also confirmed that all games included in the Western version of the PlayStation Classic (Including America and Europe) will be in English. Only terminal system menus will have the ability to choose between multiple languages, including Spanish.

This is a list of Video games Which will be included:

Toshindan Battle Arena

Cool Coolers


– Final Fantasy VII

Theft of car theft

Cuba is smart

Flash Jump

Solid metal equipment

Mr. Driller –

– Strange: Abe's Odyssey

Rayman –

Director of the director of evil resident

– Revelation: Adam

– Racer ridge type 4

– Super Turbo II Turbo Puzzle

Deck filter

– Tekken 3

Tom Clancy 's Rainbow

Distorted metal –

The Wild Arms –

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