Monday , July 22 2019
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The dollar in Chile is today


At the end of the activity, the US currency in the domestic banking market stood at $ 663.50, an increase of $ 2.4 compared to Friday's closing.

Without good news this morning, the exchange rate in Chile ended up with purchases of large investors given the levels that the currency has been quoted in recent days.

At the end of the activity, the US currency in the local banking market It was $ 663.50, which is an increase of $ 2.4 About closing a day & # 39; s.

At the international level, the price of reference card loses ground. As of today, the dollar index, against the basket of currencies, is running at a 0.04% drop.

The major currencies of the developing world, however, are operating in mixed results, following the mixed emotions of the stock market at this time, while investors expect clearer signals.

According to Reuters reports, the White House Would have reduced demand for China to cut its industrial subsidies, To close a commercial agreement soon with the Asian state. If there is a message soon, the assets deemed more risky – such as emerging currencies, stock exchanges and commodities – will be seen as an impulse.

Another issue that could affect the price of the dollar is a A new attack on the Federal Reserve by President Donald Trump, Which accuses them of being hitting the stock market with an interest rate hike they made by the end of last year.

This is in a context where the market increases the expectation that the next movement of reference rates in the United States will be down.

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