Tuesday , May 11 2021

The famous man who took the little blue pill and left it planted

A famous person has performed a severe syncrease. He said he had once taken the little blue pill before a meeting. But unfortunately they called him 15 minutes before the game to cancel.

Tonight, the plan Andy Kuchenzoff New guests. They were Luca Salazar, Monica Ios, Romina Ferrero, Coco Cili, Romina Mangal and Louis Bremer. And as usual, we can talk, at first they make a semicircle so that participants take a step when the driver offers something that has ever happened to them. The moment was called a "meeting point".

In this case, Andy consulted with some of the guests and had a failed appointment. Some of them stepped forward. Among them, Lewis Bremer said a very specific situation that involved the famous little blue pill.

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According to Talpa, the journalist began to explain that one day he was about to meet a person, so decided to take Viagra or known as a blue ball. Which is used to solve erectile dysfunction problem for men. It is worth mentioning that said drugs must be consumed Under prescription The medical professional.

"I took the pill, an appointment in my department," the story began. At the same time Coco and Seely interrupts him and asks if he has taken all. Which the journalist confirmed yes.

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"At the same time the person arrived, and fifteen minutes: phone.I can not go& # 39 ;, told Bremer. And the rest of the guests shouted "No" outraged, and could not believe the journalist's bad luck. "The whole wallpaper is scratched" and "What do we do with it all night?" There were some of the comments that sounded between laughter.

"It will not increase desire, but there is simply another person there," Bremer explained, referring to the effect the pill had on him. And he concluded with a clarification: "And … until 5 in the morning." Which Andy asked all guests not to ask what he was doing until those hours.

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