Saturday , April 17 2021

The fans asked him to retire

They were not satisfied and made comments. Fans following the Deportas La Serena debut at the state championship have scaled the brand new reinforcement on the networks, Matthias Fernandez.

‘Matigol’, who came from Kolo Kolo for this tournament, was an opener in the ‘Papiero’ team but failed to surpass the time he was on the pitch.

In total Fernandez spent 62 minutes before being replaced by Daniel Monards. He had no major role and was ‘erased’ as the game progressed.

Except for a few touches in the first half and center on a free kick, the contribution of the Christians in the “Casica” was almost his presence.

In this sense, followers did not pity Matthias. Some even referred to the networks as “why he continues to play football”.

“Matias Fernandez is a past footballer”, “The charm of Matthias Fernandez is left with only the name, unfortunately” and “Matthias Fernandez should retire from football now”, there were other publications.

Although some have tried to put on cold cloths and stress that this is only the first game, the truth is that the majority failed to arrive as a character for La Serena.

Note that the game ended in a 1: 2 victory for Odex Italiano over the Sincerens.

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