Monday , March 8 2021

The iPhone 13 can return the touch ID

New innovation implements Apple tEvery year with the release of their new devices, With their cell phones, clocks, desks, or computers.

This year, it was the launch of the New iPhone 12, Who continues the line of his younger brothers X, the first cell phone to remove the home button in 2017 and 11 in 2019, Models that have Face ID to open.

But with the advent of the plagueUsers had issues because Without face recognition, About wearing a mask when you need to go to crowded places.

Because of this factor, Apple wants to re-integrate the Touch ID button, A rumor emerges from the departure of the new IPhone 13, That your ad could run in 2021.

Touch ID

IPHONE Touch ID 13

The arrival of button Home Can come in two different ways, which according to FayerWayer media, the iPhone 13 will once again integrate a fingerprint reader with Touch ID of tecnología, But for Below the screen, like Android technology.

This new innovation will be done to make it comfortable For mask use And do not need to enter with the code.

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The integration method “Touch ID” is a fingerprint reader but on the screen, Format included in Android phones for several years.

But despite the new innovation, Apple will not remove its optical face recognition reader, A novelty that continues to be useful for Augmented reality and photography functions.

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