Thursday , October 28 2021

The judge of the world


Roberto Tobar's arbitration was outstanding. Despite the unexpected events, those who knew how to overcome. Apply with the suspension of finishing because of the rain. From then on, his decisions were correct. We must emphasize them very much. Like the performance of all his team on the field, too.

Tubar's first time was unusual. He assumed to play, showed character and personality, handled the judges' time well and solved the problems presented to him very well. Of course, again the VAR does not work properly.

In the second half he had more situations to solve and apply a sense of football. His physical condition was excellent and his personality too. He never allowed himself to frighten the actors. The only thing to improve is its importance.

South America won the world judge. Tubar has proven that he is capable of directing in any field and circumstances. She placed the Chilean arbitration in its proper place.

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