Saturday , March 6 2021

The last first of us has an Easter egg of an infected ant at the beginning of the game

On many occasions, developers are hiding Easter eggs and a curiosity that takes years to uncover, as recently commented by CyberPunk developer 2077. This is also the case of our latest, where A strange Easter egg of an infected ant Hardly anyone has noticed its existence in the seven years since the game was first announced.

You were certainly not the first to realize this Easter egg, but thanks to the young website Anthony Caliber we discussed this curiosity, which is more interesting because of the way to achieve it than because of the image itself. This esater egg is made up of the image of A real ant infected with Cordyceps On TV in Joel’s room at the beginning of the game, while we take care of his daughter Sarah.

The most interesting thing about this Easter egg, as we say, is the strange way to get it. As Caliber explains in the video, it is necessary to start with the first scene of the game To the first checkpoint on the stairs And exit the game to re-enter and head to Joel’s room. necessary Exit the game and re-enter, It does not work simply by restarting the checkpoint from the menu. “It’s weird because it’s very specific to achieve,” says Caliber.

This is an Easter egg with no unusual value to the specific game that must be done to achieve it, which again emphasizes the meticulous Obsession with details The mischievous dope put it into play and it later moved on to “Last of Us” Part 2 as well.

▪ Release date: 14/06/2013

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