Saturday , November 27 2021

The leaders of the Méditerranée require "deploy" the La Araucanía area and call for further actions of "disobedience"


Marcelo Catrillanca called a statement today agreed demanding the immediate government withdrawal of the Jungle Command, the establishment of the Commission of Historical Truth on the occupation of the territory and continue to be recruited throughout the country.

This Saturday a group of Mapuche leaders met in the community of Temucuicui in the Ercilla region, Araucanía region. The meeting called Trawun was called upon by the leaders of the various territories to agree on actions to follow confirming that the death of young Carilenka Camilo was a murder.

After the meeting, Marcelo Catrielanka, the father of a murdered community member, called for a five-point sentence. In which the leaders demand the demilitarization of the Mafia. Especially the output of the unit called Comando Jungla, belonging to Carabineros.

"We demand that the government act urgently and dismantle this police unit, given that this is a permanent threat that violates our right to live in peace and violates the rights of our children, women and the elderly."

However, the leaders recalled that there is a need to establish a "historic clarification committee," which sets the truth about the occupation of a divided territory.

In addition, the leaders noted the actions they agreed to perform. "We call on all our people to continue to implement their disobedience, to carry out various corps in wallmapuche and throughout the Chilean territory, and we thank the people of Chile, national and international organizations for their solidarity with the murder of our brother Camilo Catrillanca, and we invite you to continue to support the promotion of our fundamental rights and freedoms that help us as people of fragmentation, "they concluded.

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