Thursday , May 13 2021

The tense moment that lives on the Canary campus in Kelowna

After a draw against Deportes in Puerto Montt, a group of fans showed their discomfort towards the team's performance.

San Luis de Quillota crosses the first difficult sports mode in the ten dates played not to register wins is at the bottom with only 7 points out of 30 possible. Despite the arrival of Dario Franco ten days ago, the question does not improve.

Moreover, on Saturday it was a tense moment after a painful 1-1 against Deportes in Puerto Montt. According to the information provided by the local media, a group of barristas entered the mixed area of ​​Luccio Fariña bicentennial to deal with the class and show their nuisance on the bad campaign management club.

Although the intervention of the guards was prevented from a more complex situation, the product of the fighting was attacked in one fell swoop. The situation lasted about 20 minutes.

The players withdrew from the stadium to one of the exits to avoid contact with the angry fans.

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