Tuesday , August 9 2022

The Walking Dead: Speak your last victim



The first part of the ninth season of the walking Dead / Ended with the unexpected death of one of her heroes in my hands The Whisperer. A scene that surprised the actor who plays the character of the deceased, who is far from being separated from the joke, will return and solve the mystery of the scars of Daryl and Macon.

God, Which gives life Tom Payne, Was stabbed by a friend The Whisperer Disguised in leather walker.

Although he died, Payne promised that his character would come back to explain some questions that the temporary leap remained in the air.

"There are six years we do not know anything," the interpreter said in an interview TV Guide And progress "So there can be a few flashbacks of the same period … it can appear at any time."

Whether it was the last scene of God, His departure was very impressive. Hilltop leader organizes search group to find YoginWhich separated from Rosita While escaping The Whisperer.

God, Yogin, Daryl and Aaron He is trapped and surrounded The Whisperer. Macon, Defends and Yumiko They come to help them God He is responsible for pulling treadmills while others help Yogin.

Just as he was about to be released, he hit the last treadmill, which retreated quickly, stood behind him and stabbed him.

"You're in a place that does not belong to you," he whispered walker.

At the same time, others Treadmills They run with knives, and Daryl See some stitches on the back of the head of the person who was killed God. When cut them, a living person appears wearing the face of a treadmill as a mask. The chapter ends with cliff, With the survivors surrounded.

An amazing scene that Fein feels very proud of.

"You want to be part of the great moments of the series, and it's definitely a great moment," he said. "If that's all, I'd love it, because it's something people will remember, people are still talking to me about my first episode because it was so fun and it was something new and different, so there are two of these great moments."

Payne referred to her conversation Stroner Zhang La Kang He announced the death of his character, news that surprised him well.

"When she called me, I think I was a little surprised that I was so relaxed about it, because if Jesus is going to die, it should be a lot of people killing him or it must be a surprise, which in the end was" said the actor.

"I was very pleased with that," Payne said. "I think this is a shocking moment, and he presents the whole new group of dangerous and scary characters. I thought it was very good. I like how the whole affair is chilling and terrifying. It was really fun," he said.

Although he has abandoned his character, Payne plans to keep his hair for a long time.

"It's been two and a half years of growth, so I do not want to waste it," he joked.


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