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The world is paralyzed: Today the final of Boca against the river is played in these keys


Why all eyes will rest today on the archives of Argentinian football, Boca Juniors and River Plate, who will face each other on the first leg of the finals of the Copa Libertadores in La Bombonera, a mythological stadium xeneize?

1. First and last

This is the first time that two of the most popular Argentinian teams are facing each other in the final of the Copa Libertadores, the maximum continental club tournament.

It will also be the last time for a trip back and forth in Bombonera and monumental, since the regulation will change from the next edition and will be one final game in neutral territory. In 2019 it will be in Santiago de Chile.

Superclassic divides the greatest sports passions in the country where the football blew on all four sides.

The La Bombonera de Boca stadium, one of the main tourist destinations in Buenos Aires, will host the first moment on Saturday, November 10 and the round will be minted on the Monumental River on 24.

If there is a tie, there will be an extension, and if equality remains, the definition of punishment. In the final, the visitor's goal is not taken into account as another advantage.

2. Twins vs. Dummy

Coaches of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, and Marcelo Gallardo, of the River, are measured again in the Libertadores as they did when they were players in the 2004 semi-final of the Continental Cup.

At the same time Boca won their first leg in their 1-0 stadium, in a rough game recalled that Gallardo scratched goalkeeper Roberto Abbondanzieri. Recalled, now DT can not be a monumental return, which ended in the same result in favor of the river. The setting by penalties was for "xeneize" that later lost the finals before Caldas once of Colombia.

As soccer players, statistics earn the "Baros Twins" lottery. On seven games, Boca won three, Gallardo two had two strokes.

As coaches, on the other hand, the balance prefers Muñeco & # 39; Gallardo. Of the seven, he won three and the "two twins", and another two paintings. Gallardo also remained with the only game that defined the title: the last Super Cup Argentina (2-0) last March.

3. Gallardo, outside Bombonera

Gallardo will not even be able to go to the La Bombonara stadium on the first leg. He is confirmed by Conmebol for not obeying the ban to communicate with his players to return to play with Gremio, when in Porto Alegre "millionaires" were classified as finalists.

Coach of the river has a great origin on his players and his absence at the bank can reduce the performance of his equipment.

He was suspended for delaying the re-entry of a player in the second half of the first part of the monumental semi-final before Gremio when they lost 1-0. At half time at the Arena to make Gremio, with a 1-0 draw for the river, he went down to the dressing room to talk.

DT succeeded, perhaps, because the punishment for retidivism was not as difficult as expected. But the truth is that you can not be in a monumental bank in return with Boca, but you can participate in the box. It will also have two other suspension games.

4. No visitors, full court

53,000 places offered by & # 39; Bombonera & # 39; Do not reach to almost 200,000 full-fledged or adherent Boca members who claim their place to participate in the first leg of the finals. Friends-only tickets are sold online.

But buying a final offer is not a simple task: you must have at least four of the last six games of the local "xeneize", and pay an extra charge: 2,700 pesos ($ 73) in the case of a favorite audience, double what has risen to the semifinals against Brazilian Flamyras.

But in the resale, which is forbidden boca officially denounced, can be purchased from $ 1,700 nearly $ 5,000.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri, former president of Boca, was surprised a few days ago by encouraging the presence of fans and visitors for both sides, which for security reasons has been banned in Argentina since 2013, with some exceptions. Both clubs rejected the offer.

5. History

In 376 clashes, Boca leads River with 137 victories against 127. For the first time they passed professionalism on August 24, 1913 with a 2-1 victory over Xeneize.

Boca is looking for its seventh Libertadores Cup and has become the winner of continental tournament titles with the Argentinian Argentinian, while River is delightful with its fourth continental title.

"Xeneize" accumulates 6 Libertadores, 3 Intercontinental Cups, 4 cups, 2 South America, 3 Libertadores, 1 Intercontinental 2 cups, 1 Copa Suruga Bank and 1 South America Club "Millionaire".

In the National League, River is mounting with 36 of the 1st Division and one Division II, ahead of 33 titles of Boca and 3 Argentine cups.

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