Monday , October 3 2022

They call for immunization against measles born between 1971 and 1981


Given the risk of "imported" cases of measles, the Ministry of Health made a call to all people born between 1971 and 1981 to be vaccinated against measles because at that time they did not receive the corresponding corresponding dose and today they are vulnerable to the disease contract. The conversation is mainly for people who have planned to travel on vacation or work.

The National Vaccine Program Director, Rassalovic, explains that the call is for all people who were born between 1971 and 1981 that a vaccine of land and mat will be given if it is not given during every campaign. This vaccine examines two doses, one given at 12 months and the other at the first baseline risk, but those born between 1971 and 1981 need an additional dose of reinforcement because they received a lower dose.

The National Vaccination Program claimed that except for pregnant women requiring medical orders, the rest of those born at that time could only travel with the passage or medical arrangement.

"Sometimes, they could not get a vaccine because people were suffering from certain diseases at the same time and there are people who, despite the vaccine, do not produce immunity, their body does not respond in these cases even if they gave you the vaccine of twelve months, he said.

The nurse He explains that some people who travel without vaccination, are sick in the country because it is a viral disease that is transmitted by droplets of saliva, but the incubation period was in Chile, where you present the symptoms to infect. "So we can not take off our guard because fewer vaccinated people have the disease, the more easily they will be distributed," he said.

Measles produces heat, nose, conjunctivitis, cough, and copplyx stains that appear on the mucosa in the first few days. Among the complications are otitis, diarrhea, encephalitis and death. Therefore it is part of vaccines that are part of the national vaccination program.

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