Thursday , July 29 2021

They find a 6-year-old boy wandering the streets of Punta Arenas with a bag of national toys

only, In a T-shirt with a bag of toys A minor of 6 years is found after 5 am on Thursday in Punta Arenas.

A PDI detective saw the child, without an adult company, Wandering the streets Comments Magalance, when she was about to work.

The clerk approached the boy, who told him he was lost, so he took him to his barracks, which operated the proceedings of the sex division and the minor (Brisexme).

During the tests, the civilian police managed to conclude that the boy had left his mother's house Looking for his father's address. They do not live together.

According to Deputy Inspector Milton Bazán, a judge of the Family Court ordered that the affected person be transferred to the hospital to verify injuries "and then transferred to the house in Punta Arenas."

According to Basan, the head of the local Briska, at last Both parents can be placed, Who informed the facts.

The minor's future, which was not injured, will remain in the hands of the family court in the regional capital.

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