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They march and do shifts for people who have died of HIV


They march and do shifts for people who have died of HIV

We must be aware that 97% of the infections are by sexual transmission, so any sexually active person who does not handle times is in danger of acquiring it.

May 19

About 300 people took part in the shift for people with HIV (AIDS), which took place this evening in some of the streets in downtown Yuehua.

The head of the HIV program of the state health minister, Krissel García Hernández, said that this event was held to remember people who died of AIDS, to support people with HIV, as well as to provide escort to family members.

"We must remind the population that HIV belongs to all of us, not only to certain groups of the population. It should be emphasized that 97% of the infections are in sexual gear, so any sexually active person does not treat 100% of the time you are at risk for purchasing, "Said the clerk.

He explained that the organization Vigilia included the Ministry of Health, State Pension and Civil, Chihuahuan Youth Institute, Chihuahuan Women Institute, civil organizations such as Fatima, the State Committee of Human Rights, among others.

The participants gathered at Parque del Arte, also known as Parque Vallina, opposite Quinta Gameros, where they received a T-shirt announcing the event and a candle, and then the walk along Paseo Bolívar ), Then Avenida Vicente Guerrero, Cala Aldam and they reached the Plaza del Angel.

The program's director stressed that it is very important to continue to consolidate efforts to reach drugs for those who have the disease, they continue to be provided free of cost, which helps them to get a better quality of life as well as a broader life expectancy.

He noted that currently the state government participates in Chihuahua and Juarez to 2,000 171 people with HIV in facilities of the Center for Foreign Prevention and Treatment of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Capitas).

The event also included attendance and participation of representatives of the State Commission for Human Rights and the Fatima Private Charity.


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